I Hope that you take this free data seriously…

I reserved this information until the end of my weight loss programme because it is very important for you to know. I am telling you this now because I want you to remember it forever. I want to tell you four important points for you to lose weight with ease. The trouble with free information is that you MIGHT not take it seriously. Trust me! It is core to your weight loss. I will tell you only 4 points, which your trainer never told you about weight loss exercising:

  1. You must DO ALL you can to lose weight in the FIRST month of your weight loss programme. Most body types NEVER lose SIGNIFICANT weight several days after the initial start of a weight loss programme. This occurs usually from about 20 to 25 days after the initial day. You might agree with me if you had monitored your progress. Off course bodies are different, you might be having a different one. Yet, generally, most people do not lose significant weight from about 20 to 25 days and several months later. If they do, it is OFTEN VERY SMALL that it does not equate the amount of energy spent exercising. I repeat that it is VERY CRUCIAL for you to make sure that you spend all your energy exercising in the first month. Yet, the discretion is still yours. Most people lose between 10-18kgs on average if they exercise and diet properly in the first month. Some few people lose  even between 20-30 kgs. Your trainer might not tell you this. They have their own reasons for keeping this information from you. You can ask them to tell you the truth or you can figure out on your own. I know this because I trained people FREELY in martial arts for several years before I stopped. I have always shared this part of information with my students. I am sharing it with you now.
  2. You must comprehend that most body types INTERPRET your WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISES as STRESS when you exercise for several days whether continuously or intermittently. As long as you exercise for several days. As a result, the body engages into a SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM. They assume that they are combating stress while you think that you are exercising. This self-defense mechanism might continue for several months.
  3. You must AIM to lose at least 10-18kgs within the 1st month of your 1ST PHASEFIRST THREE MONTHS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME—stop exercising immediately after the FIRST THREE MONTHS unless your doctor recommends otherwise. Off course, the duration might depend on your body type. Yet, this is on average. Then, resume after these first three months and aim to lose again at least 10-18kgs in the first month of the 2nd PHASE. Again, take another break for THREE MONTHS. Then, again resume after three months, and aim to lose again 10-18kgs in the first month of 3rd PHASE. That is why; on average, most people take about 1 and 6 months to lose 30 to 40kgs. If you check your weight loss progress, you might discover that you have lost very little despite exercising often. Perhaps, no one told this information I have just revealed to you. Trust me! The likelihood for business people to count-react to this information might be very high. Yet, it is real. At the end of the day, the discretion is yours. I lost so much weight during the 1st month of the 1st phase of my weight loss programme. It is not a secret because I documented all the input and output. I am sure you would agree with me that I lost very little when I engaged into too much exercises during the 2nd phase. I did not because I wanted to find out whether the body responds similarly when one exercises with a jumping rope. I found that there was no difference whether you are jumping,  running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc, your body engages  into self-defense mechanism at some stage.
  4. Lastly, you do not gain weight easily IF you rest from exercises for three months UNLESS you are over eating, eating wrongly, not sleeping well, not walking about or not doing other chores. This information most trainers and doctors might not tell you because they do not want you to stop exercising for their own reasons. Yet, you know that you cannot die. I am saying that  it is necessary for you to stay away from exercises until your body is ready to lose weight. You will do this only for 1 year and 6 months. After that, you would continue normally with your weight maintenance programme at least 3 times per week. Again, the discretion is yours.


Today: I relaxed my body despite having a busy schedule


  • Today, I did my jumping exercises in the evening because I was very busy in the morning and afternoon. I did 1000 jumps in about 18 minutes from 21:33 to 21: 51 hours. Yet, I did my prayers and meditation in the morning as usual. I drank my morning weight loss fluids—1 litre. I drank my green tea despite being busy in the afternoon (600mls of concentrated green tea—4 bags). In total I drank about 3 litres of fluids, since it was very hot today. I ate well within my daily calories intake. I had chicken, sorghum, and cabbage.
  • *As I said in another article, I deal with stress immediately I see or face it to avoid piling it, which leads to abnormal weight gain. When I returned home at 20:50 hours, I made sure that I relaxed from my busy day, while preparing my super. Besides, I ran a hot bubble bath with peach flavour and lavender,  and soaked my body for at least 15 minutes to relax my muscles after a very busy day. Then, I had my supper and rested before tying you this article. Now, I am relaxing while typing you this message. I am actually enjoying my hot chocolate. This is what I meant when I said that you do not have to let stress accumulate before dealing with it. Why wait for the weekend to take a 1 hour bubble bath! Do it daily in smaller portions. If you want, the weekend bath would only be leisure. When you are busy, it is helpful to bubble bath for short minutes.

                                                                                   Have a lovely night and stay blessed


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post



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