Today, I completed editing my book Living a successful life without cashfor the 10th time. Now, I am preparing to publish it. I have targeted November-December, 2012 for publication. Kindly diarise  these months for this  event. I love writing. Therefore, publishing is such an important event for me. I will keep you posted!

We have been discussing my book Living a successful life without cash for a very long time now. I started the discussion in February 20 11 (See article Sharing life experiences). This is 1 year 8 months of discussions.

I posted a video (See WATCH A VIDEO ON FAITH), which helped us discuss the subject of Faith, which is the main theme of my book. I argued in my book with practical examples that it is possible to live a successful life without cash if we have faith. 12 people contributed publicly through my blog. 57 people contributed privately via my email. I wish to thank the people for contributing to the discussions, mostly those, who talked about their personal life experiences. The power of sharing made me realise that although we live in diverse places, we connect with each other through life experiences. So, sharing our experiences made my writing enjoyable.

We find it easy often to tell others about making changes in life than we actually do. So, after I wrote the article about completing our work on time as a way of attaining success (See OUR POVERTY RESTS WITHIN INCOMPLETE PRODUCTION), I decided to live by my words. I planned to complete editing my book finally for the 10th time within 2 months. I put aside Saturday evenings for me to edit 40 pages. I started editing this book on August 11 and completed it today, September 16, 2012. The editing exercise took  1 month and 6 days to finish. Last year, I procrastinated about editing this book for several months. The book was scheduled for publication in November 2011. Yet, I could not complete editing it. I kept postponing. I am glad that this editing saga is  over. Now, it is time for me to publish the book so that the people can read it.

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