Muscle Spasm is not a joke

Hi Friends!

I just want to remind you about stretching your body daily before exercising. I have seen several people replicating some ideas on my website even on their TV shows, which I think is good. However, they ignore one important aspect of my exercises: body stretches. I never do any jumping exercises without stretching my body. The first thing I do after drinking water, prayer and meditation is stretching my body. This is one of the most important aspects of my weight loss programme.

It is very important stretching a body before exercising because it relaxes mostly the muscles, joints, cartilages, etc. If you stretch your body often, it helps the muscles to be flexible, which makes them bend with ease or twist with minor tears. Remember always that the chances are very rare to ignite muscle spasm if you stretch your body daily before exercises than it is when you do not. Stretch just enough, but not too much.

NB: Muscle spasm in the back–around the waist–is a highly debatable PAIN, whose main causality is very unclear. It is associated with many issues including cancer, bad-body posture, bad-body turns, muscle twists, etc. I am not a medical practitioner to elaborate on this issue in details. Yet, I have seen a close nexus between muscle spasm and exercises. I observed over years that the victims are often those, who do not stretch their bodies before exercising. I would rather you stretch your body than exercise if you have no time to do both.

All the best!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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