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Today is DAY 8 of my second-phase exercises. Yet, I am not here to talk about my exercises. I am here to ANSWER all questions sent to me from last week to date. There is an article already on this blog about how to prevent over eating. Search for it! But, I would respond again to the questions as follows:

Q: What can I do to stop eating after evening meals or at night?

A: Put a sticker on your fridge, food store and wall facing your chair in the dinning room, which questions you about the main reason you want to eat something. The sticker must read: do you want to eat something? Why? It must be very brief and catchy e.g. U Want to E.A.T? WHY? (See pictures below). This helps you to probe into the reasons you want to eat something, especially when you have already eaten your main meal. You might find that although you want to eat, you are not hungry after all. Then, you must find out the reason you would like to eat when you are not hungry. Is it that you want to eat for entertainment, to feel good when you are hurting, as a habit, etc? Most people, if not all, go through a moment when they eat more than required per day. You need to know what triggers over eating in you. For instance, I eat much when I am under pressure to meet a deadline or when having meals with friends at home. I put a sticker on the door handle of my fridge handle or food store. I put another sticker inside my fridge or food store. The purpose is to remind me that I do not have to eat more than I need. I make sure that the sticker is not permanent so that I can replace it at least after five to seven days. Replacing a sticker often refreshes one’s memory about the purpose of that specific sticker. When you keep a sticker in one spot for a long time, it becomes part of the surroundings, and you are likely not to see it despite it being there.

@ chipo muponisi

Sticker on door handle of your fridge/food store room

@ chipo muponisi

sticker inside your fridge/food-store-room

The other thing one can do to prevent over eating is to brush teeth. This works only when one has the habit of brushing teeth daily before bed time. When you brush your teeth in the evening, perhaps one hour after supper, the brain thinks that you want to sleep. The possibility that your brain would shut your desire to eat is high. A great tea helps. It is said that Rooibos tea has 0% calories despite being energetic. Above all, the core reason you want to lose or maintain weight must be enough to convince you not to over eat. You are likely to control you food cravings after at least 14 days when you carry out these and/or other strategies, which work for you.

Q: Why must I exercise any way?

A: You are right because exercising is an personal preference. Yet, there are several benefits associated with exercising. The reasons most people fail to exercise include the argument that exercising makes one look beautiful, which is often true. Yet, not all people aspire looking beautiful although they love seeing and associating with beautiful people. That is partly the reason advertisements exercises fail to appeal to reason. Another hiccup is that advertisements on exercises stress more on health reasons other than economical and social ones. Yet, several people do not feel compelled to exercise for health-reasons unless when one is unwell or a doctor recommends exercising to save one’s life. However, if exercises are advertised from a different angle, several people would wish to exercise daily. The exercises give a favourable economical tune to one’s wallet. One, who exercises, is likely to spend less than one does not. When you manage your weight and body size, you are likely to spend less on clothes, shoes, medicines, etc. Speaking analytically, you would procure sizable clothes, which are often cheaper than the extra-large ones. Your weight would not easily sink your entire shoe into its heel. Thus, you might not have to keep buying shoes weekly, unless you have a shoe addiction. For those, who wear clean-cut suits, they would tell you that large suits are very costly. Besides, exercising has social benefits. Being large is sometimes, if not, most times socially problematic. It might take aware your self-esteem as you become conscious of your body size and image.  Psychologically, you might assume that you emit an odor, even when you do not, because of stereotypical messages associated with being large. You might end up spending more money on soaps, deodorants, perfumes, etc. You might also be apologetic for what you have not done because most societies are often cruel to large people. There massive stereotypical views about large people. For example,they are often accused of what they have not done such as stealing, being mean, etc. These and many other unfavourable economic and social issues can be avoided by exercising only 5 days a week for at least 20-30 minutes. Health benefits include mostly a reduction or complete eradication of high blood pressure.

Q: When is the best time to exercise?

A: The time to exercise is an individual thing. It depends on when one is available for exercises without serious disturbances, which affect one’s concentration necessarily for successful exercises. Yet, it might be very ideal to exercise early in the morning before starting one’s daily routine. Several exercises need concentration to avoid accidents, to check progress, to breath properly, etc. Now, there are several chances that one’s concentration reduces along the day as one interacts with others. For instance, one might be upset having interacted with a demanding supervisor, a rude waiter, mortgage reports, etc. One might not enjoy exercising in the afternoon or evening after having interacted with such people.

Q: Drinking concentrated lemon juice daily to accelerate weight loss numbs the teeth, what can I do?

A: There are two possibilities happening, which might numb a person’s teeth. First, one’s teeth are likely to be numb when one bites into the lemon dregs. Thus, you must squeeze the juice off the lemon or blend the lemon and add little water to help drink and swallow it with ease. Second, you might have openings in your nerves around your teeth. It is best to see a dentist if a suitable tooth paste fails to work.

Q: Can one develop a rash from exercising?

A: Real exercises do not cause a rash. Yet, the objects one might come into contact with such as dirty floors, towels, fitness kits, etc. The chances are very high to contract a disease when interacting with public objects and people at the gym. One does not have always the choice to avoid shaking hands, hugging, etc. Fungus is common in gyms, especially the one, which causes ring-worms. It might be easy preventing bacteria than fungus in public spaces. Fungus might be easily blown off from a person scratching the itchy skin to a nearby person. It is best to exercise at home. Yet, humans are social beings. It is vital to socialise. Thus, it is important to rush home immediately after the gym for a proper shower. Avoid taking a bath when coming from the gym. Fungus sticks on the oily bath tab sides. It might spread to other family members when they use the bath tab without cleaning it properly. This does not mean that exercising from home is completely off bacteria and fungus. Just make sure that you spread something on the floor or carpet if you are doing sit-ups, etc. Make sure to change your fitness kit at least twice in five days. Put towels and fitness kit into the direct sun to dry after using them if you plan to re-use them. Take a bath, preferably a shower, after exercising.

I hope that I answered all your questions. Enjoy your exercises!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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