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Exercising on a hot day contributes to weight loss:

The natural heat from the sun helps to lose bodily fats with ease when exercising during summer time than in winter. I do not imply here that one must exercise directly in the sun. The sun-heat increases indirectly one’s heart-beats during the hot/dry season. The room gets hot, which increases the room temperature. The body temperature rises also and it increases when one exercises on a hot-sunny day. This leads to an increase in heart beats, which also contributes to weight loss. Thus, a combination of a high-room temperature, hot-body temperature and jumping exercises burns the bodily fats excessively. This is not the case in winter. It is often hard to melt bodily fats at low-room temperatures on a cold day unless with the help of a heater or weight-loss drugs, which might not be the best options.

I do not wish to be misunderstood here. It is not the sun-heat, which causes weight loss. Rather, it is the increased-continuous heart-beats, which result from the effects of sun-heat on the body during the exercises in a hot room that lead to weight loss. There are several ways of inducing heart-beats. The sun-heat is just one of those ways. That is why; some sonar systems imitate the effect of the sun-heat on the body for weight loss because it leads to increased heart beats and lots of sweating.

Sweating is indirectly linked to weight-loss:

I must also take this opportunity immediately to explain what I mean each time I talk about wearing a jersey and scarf when exercising. This, off course, increases the rate of heart-beats and lots of sweating. There are several arguments about this method. Some people think that sweating does not lead to weight loss. They think that it is a myth talking about sweating as a causality of weight loss because most people, who are obese, sweat a lot. Yet, they never lose weight. I understand the confusion concerning this argument. Briefly, obesity is often associated with other factors such as over eating unless it is induced genetically or through a disease such as diabetics, etc. Thus, obese people cannot lose weight through sweating if they eat constantly. However, this topic is not for me to unpack here. What I want to clarify is the confusion about sweat being a cause of weight loss. When I talk about sweat, I am not referring to ordinary sweat, where the body regulates its temperatures by losing fluids through sweat, etc. Yet, the sweat that I am talking about here, is the kind of sweat, which comes out of the body, simply because someone chose to pump it out of its body by increasing the heart-beats through exercises and warm articles of clothing. I do not know what it means to lose weight by sweating without exercises. However, I do know what it means to lose weight by sweating, which is induced through exercises and warm articles of clothing. The point here is that weight-loss is not found in the sweat, but in the heart-beats, which lead to sweating. This means that there is an indirect relationship between weight-loss and sweating. Thus, when a heart is beating, it works also to detoxify the body. The sweat comes handy here through the bodily project of detoxification. This means that the body releases toxic substances through the bodily sweat, urine, etc. Remember that the processed food has flooded the markets and restaurants. The processed food is often associated with lots of toxins, which are released from the body through sweating, etc. Therefore, detoxification is vital to weight loss. This is a huge topic to discuss in this article.

One does not just collapse due to warm clothing

I want to clarify again that one can not simply collapse by wearing warm clothing when exercising on a hot-sunny day unless one ignores specific measures:

  • One must open windows in the room, where exercises are taking place
  • One must exercise near the window, taking air in and out deeply
  • One must drink fluids during exercises
  • Yet, most importantly, one must have the capacity to tell the dryness and humidity of the weather when exercising in warm keep-fit clothes. I am talking here about the cooling effect on the body related to the weather. Thus, when the weather is humid, the chances of collapsing are high whether one is wearing warm clothes or not. The sweat does not evaporate faster on a humid day than it does on a dry day. This means that the sweat remains on the body longer than it should, which might keep the body temperatures excessively high. This might lead to collapsing because there is no cooling effect, which occurs as a result of the sweat evaporating. Yet, when the day is dry, the sweat evaporates into the atmosphere at a fast pace, leaving the body cool, which prevents one from collapsing. This means that it is not advisable to use warm articles of clothing on a humid day unless one keeps wiping the sweat off the body and unless one keeps drinking plenty of water. That is why; it is important to consult a person, who has had personal experience battling with weight loss for years. Yet, this is not enough because such a person must at least have experimented several times on oneself and others. Consulting a trainer or medical practitioner, who has never experienced weight problems, might result in receiving insufficient information on weight loss. Some experts do not have a personal connection with weight issues. Therefore, they talk about what they have been taught, but not what they have faced personally. Be alert!

My Weekly Overview:

The following are my weight-loss activities from Monday to Friday (November 19-23, 2012), which is day 15 to day 19:

  1. I spent a total of 1 hour 50 minutes praying and meditating for five days from Monday to Friday. I took time listening to our Creator and to my body. I learnt that I was tired due to a busy week. I tried mitigating the fatigue. I am glad it is a weekend. I can rest.
  2. I am supposed to use pure fruit for weight-loss. Yet, I did not get time to go to the supermarket. I have to ensure that I do this on Sunday because I will be busy again next week.
  3. I managed drinking warm water before exercising. I drank 6.3 litres in five days, which was about 1.3 per day on average. Plain water is not as effective as when it has lemon juice. I have to rectify this soonest.
  4. I spent a total of 1 hour 16 minutes in 3 out of 5 days of the week doing body stretches and warm-ups (Mon=27mins; Wed=31mins; and Fri=18mins). I did not do these exercises on Tuesday and Thursday due to a busy schedule. Yet, I made sure to double these exercises on Wednesday and Friday to catch up for the missed days—Tuesday and Thursday. Thus, in terms of breaking calories, I did not miss my targets for the entire week. I am glad.
  5. I did a total of 5, 800 jumps in 4 out of 5 days (Mon=1,400; Wed=2000; Thurs=1,200 and Fri=1,200). I spent a total of 1 hour 33 minutes jumping in 4 out of 5 days. I made sure that I jumped more on Wednesday to catch up, since I did not jump on Tuesday. Again, I met my target for the week of jumping at least 5000 counts in five days.
  6. I had my breakfast, which included rice pudding, brown-bread-fritters, millet porridge, 2% fat milk and Rooibos tea 300 mls per breakfast.
  7. I ate my lunch from Monday to Friday despite being busy. I had roasted chicken, carrot soup, onion-tomato soup, rice, thick porridge from millet, etc. On average I ate roasted chicken, tomato-onion soup and rice, but prepared with different flavours.
  8. I ate my supper all five days. This included scones and rooibos tea, rice and roasted chicken in carrot soup, boiled eggs in tomato-onion soup and rice, fried chicken and thick millet porridge.
  9. I drank my afternoon fluids daily for five days to flash out toxins during the day. I drank a total of 3.1 litres of rooibos tea, which is 700-900 mls on average
  10. I drank my evening fluids, which was about 2.5 litres for five days
  11. I observed that I struggled exercising on Tuesday and Thursday although I was excited about exercising because of other equally important activities. I am glad that despite this, I managed to exercise and met my targets. I preserved not because I have to, but because I have a target, which I want to meet by December 20, 2012. This means that I have to seriously re-plan my activities so that this week does not repeat itself next week.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post.



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