DAY 30 of My Weight Loss Programme

Today, makes 30 days, since I started exercising for my weight loss programme on November 05, 2012 during my last phase this year. I am excited because I shade off the weight I wanted to get rid off. However, I will continue exercising until December 20th in time for the Christmas period. I will check the weight lost this Friday. So, make a date with me.

JUMPING: Yesterday, I jumped 1, 100 counts. Because of my busy schedule, I used two systems to jump. First, I jumped 500 counts at once in a single session. Second, I did 600 jumps intermittently, over a period of hours, from 08:08 to 16:55 hrs. This means that  after writing for two hours, I would stop for at least 3 to 4 minutes to do at least 100 jumps per session, to stretch my body, and to drink fluids.

Body Stretches: Because of the busy schedule, I used a system of exercises, where you stretch the entire body joints and muscles at once, in a single posture, for five minutes. I am sure that your physical trainers have taught you about this method. What do you do? You lie flat on your back on a flat surface, preferably a floor. Then, you left your body, while curving it upwards so that ONLY your shoulders and heels (foot) touch the floor. Make sure that your arms are stretched fully alongside your body, and that your palms are facing upwards with your finger tips stretched pointing towards the floor, and that your elbows are completely off the floor. Once you balance your body properly, start pulling your muscles and joints carefully from the toes working your way upwards to your head. Once ALL your muscles and joints are stretched fully, then pull them all at once, breathing in and out deeply for at least five minutes. Once you know this method, perhaps, you will never want to spend long hours exercises. It is very effective. It is taught mainly to martial arts so that they can learn how to prepare their bodies in a quickest possible way. It is also used in reflexiology although it is simplified there because you lie completely flat on the floor.

Thus, today, I did the same exercises with some slight modifications. I did a total of 1, 100 jumps in 15 minutes continuously from 09:10 to 09:25 hrs. I did also 200 jumps in the evening. I did a total of 1, 300 jumps per day. I stretched my entire body in about five minutes.

Fruit Juice: I drank 150mls of freshly pressed-concentrated-lemon juice (from 3 medium size lemons) just 10 minutes before jumping.  You should always remember to allow time to pass after you drink the  fruit juice before drinking the warm water. It is important for the fruit juice to melt the greasily oils in your system. Anyway, today, I drank lemon juice again.

Warm Water with Fruit Juice: Yesterday morning, I drank 1 litre of warm water, which contained about 50mls of lemon juice right at the onset of jumping. Today, I drank the same amount of warm water with some lemon juice in it during the jumping exercise. Please, remember that warm water with a touch of fruit juice, helps  to flash your system.

Prayer and/or Meditation: I am never too busy to pray and/or meditate. Prayers and meditation balance me during a very busy schedule. The first thing, which I do early when I wake up, is to pray and meditate. I do the same before bedtime. This is a Biblical meditation, but not the void meditation.

Breakfast: Yesterday, I had my quick breakfast. I had homemade round-bread rolls with margarine and Rooibos Tea. Today, I rushed to the supermarket in the morning. Thus, I did not have my breakfast, instead, I had brunch when I returned to my flat because I spent my breakfast hour at the supermarket.

Lunch: Yesterday, I had beetroot, carrots, and cabbage for salads. I ate rice and roasted fresh fish in ginger, garlic, and tomato soup (I will post this recipe later in the week). I had biscuits and tea as well as pineapples for a dessert. Today, I ate brown bread sandwiched with cheese, onion, and tomatoes. I drank rooibos tea with milk. I ate sweet corn for dessert.

Afternoon Fluids: Remember that fluids are always important during weight loss. So, yesterday, I drank 900mls of warm-hot Rooibos tea. Today, I drank 1 litre of hot Rooibos tea in the afternoon. This tea is energetic, but remember to take your multivitamin.

Supper: Yesterday, I ate rice and fish, which were afternoon leftovers. I drank 2 mugs of Rooibos tea (600mls). Today, I had a special meal. I ate pap with Indian-fried okra, kapenta (dry small fish) and cabbage. I had Rooibos tea with 1 slice of buttered toasted bread for dessert.

Comments: I am happy that despite having a very tight schedule, I was able to jump and stretch my body. Interestingly, this means that it is important to develop a flexible exercise routine, which can befit the relevant situation. It means also that one must have the ability to learn different styles of exercising so as to apply those exercises, which befit the situation. It connotes the idea that if one is a debutant, one must learn from one’s physical trainer about the basic methods of conducting effective exercises within the shortest possible time. My hope is that once one learns the shortcuts to exercises, one does not substitute always the relevant long exercises with short ones. Plausibly, sufficient exercises are important because one is able to find oneself when spending enough time during exercises. We listen also to our bodies during ample exercises. Although we can listen to our bodies with a short time, that is not enough to feel each specific muscle and joint. We pay specific attention to those areas, which need proper care during exercises.

I hope that you are also working towards a target, perhaps, towards Christmas so that you might feel as great as you would look during the festival season. All the best of wishes for your exercises and festival plans!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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