I want to apology. I promised that I was going to post my new weight today. I did not because of two reasons. First, I was extremely busy this week. I worked over night to meet my deadline. Second, my camera lens broke. So, it does not shoot pictures in the evening or when it is dark. I can only take pictures in the morning or afternoon light. I hope to find time next Friday. Therefore, make a date with me. You will see the effect of jumping over a rope.


I am not saying that a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle does not help to lose weight. I am saying that there are some reasons, which make computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycles fail to work effectively in weight loss programs. I am now revealing a secret, which most trainers do not tell you about these computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycles. Here is the secret: these bicycles give you access to either loosen or tighten the tension of your bicycle while exercising. This is the main problem. To start with, most people do not set the cycling tension at the level, which they are uncomfortable with. They set it often at a level they can manage. Is this what you are doing? If so, you won’t lose weight. You would simply keep fit. To lose weight, you need to set your cycling bicycle at a tension, which makes you feel unconformable cycling. It does not need to be extremely uncomfortable, but it must be enough to make your heart beat fast, and your breath calling for your attention. Your upper lip is likely to feel very warm and moist. Then, you would know that you are cycling enough to lose weight. It is empowering for you to be the person changing the tension of your own cycling bicycles from soft to hard and vice versa. Yet, it is problematic as the same time because most people do not keep cycling on a hard tension. They resort quickly to a soft tension, which makes it is hard losing weight.

I want you to think about what you often do when exercising. Do you often set your cycling bicycle at the tension and pace, which you are comfortable with? Or, do you keep clicking between the soft and hard tension, and between the slow and fast pace? If you cannot remember what you normally do, I want you to monitor your actions while exercising on a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle.

I observed—and this is the secret—that most people reduce the tight tension and pace often while exercising before they can even get a proper heat beat, which leads to sweating. This is problematic because once they feel that tightness in the calves, legs, muscles, and once their breath seems to escape their bodies, they reduce the tension and pace to manageable ones. Therefore, there is no continuity with the heart beats. When this occurs, you would not lose weight. If you do, it would be very minimal weight loss. You are likely to keep fit, but the exercise would not induce serious changes.

I would recommend three things:

  1. If you have a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle, find someone to disconnect the computer from this specific bicycle. Then, let that someone set the bicycle at a tension, which you are not completely comfortable with. A tight tension makes your heart beat fast and makes you ooze enough sweat from your body. This is what I did with my computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle. There is a minor disadvantage with this is adjustment. You are deprived of the basic information, which reflects on your computer while exercising. You would not know how your heart is beating, the amount of calories you reduce per cycling session, etc. It would require that you buy a calorie and/or heart beat monitor. It is not a big issue. It is best that you buy one, which you wear like a wrist watch.
  2. If you can, I would recommend that you buy a manual-indoor-cycling bicycle. It is old fashion but it works extremely well. It comes from the factory set already at a tension, which helps people on average to lose weight. The only challenge with manual-indoor-cycling bicycle is that it is not computerised, so you cannot tell the amount of weight, which you lose while exercising. You cannot check your calories loss, etc. This is not a huge problem. You can rectify it by buying a calorie and/or heart beat monitor.
  3. If I can convince you enough, I would simply recommend you to try jumping over a rope. All you need is buying a jumping rope, and jump for at least 10 to 30 minutes daily for five days per week. I have posted already samples of how to jump. So, you have a starting point. If you jump wrongly, you would not manage jumping for 2 minutes. Yet, if you follow my instructions, you realise that jumping is very easy, and that you can jump as long as you want with ease. The disadvantage with jumping is about knowing how to jump. This disadvantage disappears once you know how to jump. Do you think that jumping is really hard? If jumping was that hard, most Stars would not embrace it. You have a huge list of Stars, who have lost weight through jumping, and who maintain weight through it. The list of these Stars is endless. These Stars include musicians, models, movie-stars, rugby players, boxers, etc. Try it! It might just work for you to turn you a special star in your own right. Stay blessed!

Make a jumping rope your best friend because it works

I want to re-echo that jumping over a rope works. It induces weight loss. It helps your heart beat fast and release sweat in the process. If you recall our earlier topic about sweat, I said that it is not every sweat, which is an indicator of weight loss. Yet, if you sweat as a result of making the heart beat fast through exercises, that particular sweat is a great sign for weight loss.

This week, I took pictures with my mobile phone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to show sweat, which emanates from the body due to jumping over a rope (See below). Trust me! It would have been dripping sweat if I had worn a jersey and scarf during exercises. This week I did not wear my keep fit kit during exercises because it was dirty. I did not do my laundry because I was very busy. You would have seen how I drip with soaked when I exercise in a jersey and scarf.

Dripping with sweat on Wednesday

I am dripping with sweat on Wednesday

The sweat on Thursday

The sweat on Thursday was less than that on Wednesday










The Weekly overview of my weight loss­­

I exercised five days a week from Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 (Day 29) to Friday, Dec. 8, 2012 (Day 33). As usual, I pulled through despite having the most crazy schedule, which I have ever had this entire year. I slept only two nights, and worked 3 nights out of five working days. I am grateful to God that I managed to reach both my work and exercise targets for the week. I am also grateful to God for the gift of a weekend.

Work done:

  • I prayed each day within a total of 46 minutes (Mon=10mins, Tues=06mins, Wed=15mins, Thurs=05mins & Fri=10mins).
  • In five days, I drank 500mls of very concentrated lemon juice, which I pressed from 9 fresh lemons. I drank this juice daily immediately I wake up. Fresh lemons help melt the grease in your system.
  • I drank 5.6 litres of warm water, which was at least 1 litre per day, and at times 1.3 litres per day. I added some lemon or pineapple juice to this water. I flash my system daily with at least 1 litre of warm water before eating anything, and after at least 10-30 minutes of having drunk the concentrate fruit juice.
  • I jumped 6, 500 counts for five days (Mon=1,100, Tue=1,300, Wed=1,500, Thurs=1,200 & Fri=1,400 jumps). I stretched my body joints and muscles. I spent a total of 2 hours 25 minutes both jumping and stretching my body in five days. On Monday and Tuesday, I used a fast technique to stretch my entire body in very few minutes, between 5 to 8 minutes each day. Later, I resumed to my normal routine.
  • I had all my meals, except on Tuesday when I went to the supermarket during breakfast hour.
  • I drank my afternoon weight loss fluids. On average I drank 600 to 900 mls of rooibos tea in the afternoon between 12 and 17:00 hours.
  • Comments: I am very happy that I have come this far. I wish the same for you.


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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