A Quick Update


Hi guys!

I have seen your comments. I will find time to respond to them on Saturday evening.

Jumping: I am still very busy. Yet, I stopped briefly to encourage you to continue exercising. On Monday, I did 1,100 jumps in 16 minutes. Today, I did 1, 200 in 20 minutes. Yesterday, I did not exercising because I slept during the larger part of the afternoon. I worked the whole night of the previous day. However, I made sure to follow other procedures.

Lemon Juice: I drank my freshly pressed lemon juice from Monday to date of 150mls juice per day, which is 450mls to date. I drank also 1 litre of warm water with some lemon fruit juice each day to flash the system. I have drank so far 3 litres of warm water.

Meals: I ate my meals breakfast, lunch and supper. I ensured to avoid under or over eating by monitoring my meals. I noticed that during to a busy schedule, I did not much variety in breakfast. It has been brown break with either fried eggs, or beans or cheese, tomatoes and onions.My lunch and supper has been fish, beans, cabbage, rice or bread.

Weight loss fluids:

I drank my afternoon fluids. On Monday, I drank 1.2 litres of Rooibos tea. Tuesday, I drank 900 mls and today, I drank 900mls of Rooibos teas.This is so far 3 litres of warm rooibos tea.

In the evening, I drank 300mls of Rooibos tea on Monday. I drank 300 mls on Tuesday. And, I drank 600mls today. This is so far a total of 1.2 litres.

General comment:

Ha! Ha! Ha! I am glad that I am still smiling. It has been a busy week because everyone is rushing to go on vacation. The majority have already gone. IAnyway, we will soon be resting. So, we have to work now.

Enjoy your day…and happy holiday for those, who have already began holidaying…

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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