I am not sure whether I follow what this question is all about. I am just wondering why someone would like to jump without clothes on! However, I hear you and I saw the seriousness in this question although I did not really get what you are trying to say. Below is my reply:

In terms of avoiding body aches: Generally, perhaps, I might not encourage anyone to jump without clothes—jumping naked—even when you are jumping alone at home behind those closed doors. Simply because, jumping is an exercise, which flips your body parts—up and down—as you jump. That is why; I recommended earlier on this blog that you wear a cycling pant and a breast holder if you are a female regardless of your weight and body size. Because, breasts and bums have a tendency of flipping—up and down—as you jump. Now, regardless of your body size, your breast and back would feel sore after jumping naked or without cycling pants and a breast holder, mostly if you are gifted with enough breasts and bums.

I do not want to sound stereotypical, but I cannot speak for a man, since I am not one and I have not discussed it with any man exercising with me because most of them wear the right kit. Yet, I assume that a man might require a cycling pant only if he is biologically male. It seems to me that a grown male might also have his private parts dangle as he jumps. Yet, I am not sure if he would be affected in any way. Horses do not wear pants as they run. Perhaps, a man being human, he might be affected…Let them reply to your question!

In terms of avoiding accidents: if you have either ceramic, cement or polished floor, I would not also recommend you to jump naked. You might wonder the connection between being naked and a slippery floor. If you are jumping enough, you would sweat enough. This means that when you have no clothes on, that sweat would drip down your body onto the floor. You can imagine what would happen if you slip on that sweat! I know that when one starts jumping and one is really enjoying the exercise, one is likely to develop a tendency of wanting to see oneself in a mirror. Eventually, one wants to see oneself jump in front of a full mirror especially after having lost weight. When you lose weight, trust me, your body becomes your sight of pleasure. So, you develop a desire to look at yourself in a way you never did before losing weight. Therefore, jumping naked is one of those things that some people engage in after having lost weight. That is why; I would recommend that an experienced trainer mentors you during the period you lose weight. There are also negative effects to weight loss as much as it is great. For example, some people do not just want to look at their bodies. They want other people to appreciate what they have become. Thus, they might engage in arguably risky social behaviours such as having multiple sexual practices to expose their bodies to others, they might impulsively pose nude around poles in pubs before total strangers, they might post nude pictures online without thinking about their careers, etc. This can also be a bad or bad thing depending on one’s beliefs, one’s age, one’s social practice, one’s values, etc. Thus, an experienced trainer must be around to guide you during this passing phase. It is a temporal obsession. It passes with time once you get used to a new body.

I hope that I answered some parts of your question because I did not approach this topic from the social values, which perhaps you expected me to discuss. Rather, I looked at it from the exercise point of view.

…and I hope that others would also share their views on this topic

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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