Faith is an interesting topic. It does, and continues to intrigue us. We probe into faith-tales to find the core thread between faith and God on one hand, and on the other, between faith and humans. Yet, no matter how hard we try, we can only comprehend its bits and pieces. Otherwise, we would become God. This intrigues us to probe further into faith and all materials meshed up with it. Faith entangles neatly into the secrets of God.  Our insufficient knowledge about faith glues us closer to God in our attempt to improving our knowledge about it. This is what is known as human inquisitiveness. We are often curious about the little that we know. Thus, we want to tread up on those paths that seem unattainable. That is human nature, isn’t it?  Surely, we are off-springs of God–the omniscient–we would definitely want to know more about this mysterious subject of faith.