Sweet Cabbage Salad


A quick Salad/Snack

This is a quick Cabbage salad. It is a combination of cabbage and other sweet vegetables. You can eat this salad on its own or with some dry rice. If you are busy losing weight, I would recommend that you nab at it without rice. Use it as a filler-gap food during the day time to avoid eatingĀ  sweet carbohydrate food constantly.


1. Wash all ingredients

2. Chop and boil beetroot

3. Chop the rest of the ingredients when beetroot is ready.

NB: The secret is using fresh vegetables.They are succulent with enough water, which is great for salad.

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A small piece of loosely chopped cabbage

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INGREDIENTS include 1 small piece cabbage, 1 boiled beetroot, half white onion, 1 medium tomato, 1 large carrot, 1 hot green pepper, 1 tablespoon cheese, 1 teaspoon vinegar, & 1 quarter teaspoon salt

3. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl, add a quarter teaspoon of salt, and mix them well

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Chopped ingredients mixed well

4. Add 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar and mixed well again

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1 teaspoon added and vegetables mixed well

5. If the vegetable salad tastes dry, squeeze 1 large tomato juice into the bowl and mix well again. NB: Do not use water or a soury tomato.

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6. Remember that for the body to absorb vegetables well into your system, it requires oil. Yet, do not add any oil if you used a type of cheese, which has oil. Use cheese aromat for flavour if you do not fresh cheese.

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7. Voila! This is how your sweet cabbage salad would look like. Real summer is just starting in Africa. It’s is suitable for colourful food.

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8. If you are hungry, eat this sweet cabbage salad with dry rice. The salad has a lot of vegetable juice boosted mostly with tomato juice.

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9. Use Bergamont oil to burning essence on a mild cold day to relax your mind during meditation…

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10. Above all, enjoy life and your relationship with God and others

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