I am back on the blog to discuss weight loss. I have been away from the blog for many years. Thanx to my loyal friends, who have read and forwarded my posts to other people in need of losing weight.


Cocoa cake/Chocolate cake


1.5 cups butter

2 cups caster sugar

4 large eggs

2 tablespoons vanilla essence

3 cups cake flour

1 cup cocoa

3 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 cup fresh milk

1/4 teaspoon salt

Cocoa/Chocolate cake

Cocoa/Chocolate cake


  1. Put flour into a bowl, add baking powder, salt, and sieve together
  2. Put sugar and butter in a mixer, and mix until creamy (about 5 minutes)
  3. Separate very cold egg yolks from egg whites, keep egg white into the fridge
  4. Add egg yolks to the creamy mixture, one after the other, mix for about 2 minutes
  5. Add the vanilla to the mixture and mix for 1 minute
  6. Add the cocoa, bit by bit, to the creamy mixture;  simply folding in, don’t over do it
  7. Add milk to the cocoa mixture and mix well but briefly, still folding in
  8. Whisk the egg white until the fluffy white can’t fall when the bowl is upside down
  9. Add the whisked egg white to the cocoa creamy mixture, just fold in roughly
  10. Put the mixture into a cake baking tin
  11. Assuming that you had switched your oven to 250°C before you began baking; reduce the heat to 170°C, put your baking tin in the centre of the oven, and bake for 30 minutes
Cocoa/Chocolate cake

Cocoa/Chocolate cake

Fluffy with a bitter-sweet taste

Fluffy with a sweet-bitter taste


It feels great to return to my blog after 2 years of silence. I’m excited to see, who is keeping the Word; who is keeping fit; and who is cooking great meals…



REST IS A GREAT GIFT: I am glad the weekend is here. I am truly grateful to God for the gift of rest. I can rest fully. I had an interestingly busy week. I am glad that I would begin my vacation next week Thursday. It feels great.

I MET MY WEEKLY TARGET: Although my week was busy as crazy, I managed to find time to exercise, rest, and relax. What is very exciting is that I reached my weekly target of jumping 5000 counts per week. I hope that you too met your target for the week.

This morning I did 1, 100 jumps. I did not think that I was going to manage jumping at all because I worked the whole night last night until this morning. Yet, I did it after sleeping for at least 5 hours from 07:00hrs. I spent at least 16 minutes on jumping before resuming my work.

NEW IMAGE: I promised to share the pictures of my current weight. I am sorry that I won’t do it this week. The Nigerian repairing my camera has not yet completed fixing the lens. It fell and got stuck at some point. I cannot promise when I will post the pictures, but you will see them soon. Just keep checking my website. Otherwise, I lost a lot of weight because I cannot bend without some clothes falling off. I am excited about this weight loss. If I do not get the still camera next week, then I will use a video to post changes although I prefer the still camera.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to do good for yourself and those around you…

@Chipo muponisi, unedited post


Dear Friends,

I hope that you are still exercising. I am exercising despite a very tight schedule.
You have come a long way. Today is day 29. Therefore, remember to exercise; drink enough fluids; eat only enough food; and rest well to shade off extra weight. I will meet you this Friday…Those of you who have shade off weight, share your pictures with others…



Does libel work for a nation, a continent or a people, who do not read? You can write about them. Yet, they would never know despite having that particular book from you as a gift…

Does libel work…

Secrets to My Weight loss


I decided to write this article because many people have asked me to explain what I do exactly to lose weight. I hope that it helps you or someone else you know battling weight loss. I continue discussing those specific elements of my weight loss program, which help me to lose weight and maintain it. Some of it might sound already familiar because I have talked about it often. Yet, in this article, I show the major steps and the secrets at each step, which I use to lose weight.

1.  Prayer and/or Meditation

I was extremely busy this week. Yet, I managed to spend time with God of the universe. I spent 1 hour 43 minutes in prayer and/or meditation for five days, from Monday to Friday, daily before exercising (See below). This is nothing considering the fact that there are 120 hours in five days.

Monday               31 minutes

Tuesday               10 minutes

Wednesday        27 minutes

Thursday             15 minutes

Friday                    20 minutes

It is always important for me to find myself emotionally and spiritually within my space and time to reconnect with my inner being, which is very crucial to weight loss. Prayer and/or meditation during weight loss programs help us explore our physical and mental ability to withstand pressure during exercises. It helps us also to fix our interest positively, which is necessary for doing exercises. Otherwise, at times our interest to do exercises dies inside us. Our mind/soul might be willing to exercise when our body just cannot. Therefore, prayer and/or meditation help us to reunite our mind/soul with our body for effective participation in our weight loss exercises.

1.1 The nexus between prayer/meditation and godly energy necessary for weight loss

One does not have to be a Christian to realize that one needs the godly energy to exercise successfully for weight loss. The gift of energy from the universe is free to all those, who want to tap into it. King David is one of the Biblical characters, who encourage me a lot. I find him interesting because he did not hide his sins before God. He acknowledged often when he sinned. He had a constant relationship with God. He not only approached God for help, but also for praise and worship. Thus, I draw my inspiration to meditate from David. One does not have to be a Christian to learn from another person regardless of one’s spiritual position. Some people argue that meditation is not Biblical. I beg to differ because there are several types of meditation.  I base my meditation on my lessons from scripture. For instance, David says, “Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation” (Psalm 5: 1). David engaged constantly in meditation to connect and reconnect with God. The beauty of God is that whether one is a Christian or not, one can still tap into His energy, which is very crucial for weight loss. This energy is easily accessed mostly during meditation. It is a special energy from God, which makes you aware of yourself, your surroundings, the task before you and your limits/potential. This godly energy makes you tap in the healing resources of God the creator of this universe. Thus, when you are feeling weak, you will be rejuvenated for exercises. I draw also my inspiration from David to prayer in the wee hours of the morning. David pledges to God, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up” (Psalm 5: 3). This is beautiful.  I found David extremely interesting because he did not maximize his prayers during the rush hour or shortly before going to the palace for work like most of us do. Instead, he knew that it was very cardinal to meet God in the wee hours of the morning when the air was fresh and the surrounding noiseless. We need such kinds of environments to maximize our chances of taping deeply into God’s energy during prayer/meditation. Prayer and/or meditation help us in many ways. I hope that it would help you to lose excess weight.

2. Exercise fluids

Shortly before going in prayer and/or meditation, I prepare three types of fluids, which enhances the rate of my weight loss.

I make the first fruit fluid from fruits by blending or squeezing at least 300mls of pure-fruit juice, which I drink immediately after extracting it. Do not add water to this pure-fruit juice. Remember that fruit juice loses its vitamin C when it comes in contact with oxygen for a long time. Thus, it is best to drink it immediately after extracting it. If not possible, put it in a container and close it tightly. Now, I drink my first fluid before meditation. Thus, during meditation, my first fluid is already working in my system. This shows that I drink the pure fruit juice—often 200-300mls—before beginning to exercise. It cleanses the system, and it circulates in my system to help burn the fats.  This week, I drank a total of 400mls of pure-lemon juice on Tuesday and Wednesday for my first fluids.  Then, I drank a total of 370mls pure-pineapple juice on Thursday and Friday for a first fluid. On Monday, I did not drink any pure fruit juice. Therefore, I drank a total of 770mls of pure fruit juice. Lemon juice is very good in melting the fats due to its acidity. Yet, pineapple is better. Not only does it burn the fats due to its acidity, but also sweeps the system because it has more fibre than lemons, which is good for roughage. This combination is a great natural detox. One needs to detox using natural methods at least 5 days in a week during the entire weight loss program. After drinking this pure juice, I go into meditation. I allow it to work in my system, while I am meditating. This drink is very important. One cannot do without it.

I drink my second-fruit fluid immediately after prayer and meditation. This second-fruit fluid has a very high content of water. It is a combination of 800mls warm water and 200mls of pure-fruit juice. I use usually the same fruit used to make the first-fruit fluid. I drink this second-fruit fluid immediately after meditating, and shortly before beginning to stretch my body and before starting to jump. I drink at once 800mls and leave about 200mls, which I drink when jumping. Therefore, I drank about 4.8 litres of the second-fruit fluid this week. An average body requires at least 1 litre of warm fluids when exercising. It works even better when that water is mixed with fruit juice. It is the warmth and acidity in the water, which increases the rate to melt body fats. This fluid is very important if one wants to lose weight. You cannot do without it. One would lose weight, but not as much as one would with this combination.

I make also the third fluid to drink in the afternoon after lunch and before supper. This fluid is often a combination of fruit and vegetables. It is at times simply tea and preferably green tea or rooibos tea. It is an energetic drink and it prevents me from over eating during the day time. It is often between 700mls to 1 litre. Thus, I drank about 3.5 litres of rooibos tea this week. This drink is optional. You can substitute it with any other herbal-fluid product. Yet, it is best to use methods, which are cost effective during weight loss program to avoid stressing about resources. Stress prevents often weight loss only in rare occasions does it induce weight loss.

3. Body stretches

I emphasize often on the importance of stretching one’s body before exercising. Therefore, this week, I spent 2 hours and 27 minutes stretching my body muscles and joints from Monday to Friday:

Monday               33 minutes

Tuesday               25 minutes

Wednesday        25 minutes

Thursday             24 minutes

Friday                    40 minutes

It is core to stretch especially leg, arm, neck and shoulder muscles when one jumps to lose weight. Thus, it is a must that I stretch the muscles and joints surrounding at least the following areas:

Knees                   Calves                   Ankles                  Toes

Hips                       Shins                    thighs                    bums

Fingers                 Writs                     Elbows                  shoulders

Neck                      body-sides (left and right)           waist

Back                       tummy

These are some of the many areas involved in body stretches. I do fifty on each part. For example, I have two knees. Thus, I count 50 stretches on each knee, which is a total of 100 counts for two knees. It is very important to squeeze the muscle gently before beginning to jump. This is what ignites fat burn.  When you are stretching the body, it is like squeezing fats off the body using muscles.

3.1   Wearing warm clothes when exercising

Besides, it is very important that one wears something very warm during body stretches unless the weather is abnormally very hot or unless the doctor advises otherwise. The point is that keeping the heat on the body by wearing a jersey and scarf, while stretching the body or while jumping, accelerates the rate at which one loses weight. The warmth/heat, which is trapped in the skin beneath the jersey and scarf, contributes to burning the fat, mostly that which is beneath the skin.

4. Jumping to lose or maintain weight

As far as jumping is concerned, remember never to jump so high such that you fail to continue with the jumping. The aim is to jump just enough to allow the heart to race with heart heats. It is the constant heart beats, which make you lose weight and not necessarily the jumping itself. If you can keep the heart beats for a long time, you are likely to lose weight than one, who jumps very high, but for only few minutes. Therefore, this week, I did 5, 500 jumps in 1 hour 40 minutes:

Monday               1000 jumps         20 minutes

Tuesday               1,100 jumps        17 minutes

Wednesday        1, 100 jumps       21 minutes

Thursday             1,100 jumps        22 minutes

Friday                    1, 200 jumps       20 minutes

The speed at which I jump is what contributes to my speedy weight loss. Avoid over jumping to prevent the body from treating jumping as stress. Once it does so, you would not lose weight not matter how much you jump or how much you drink chemicals to lose weight. Do only what your body can take per day and week. That is partly why; I exercise only from Monday to Friday, but not over the weekend. It is important to love your exercises. Happiness contributes to weight loss.

5.      Meals

I recommend that you try as much as possible to eat all meals—breakfast, lunch and supper. Skipping meals does not often lead to weight loss. Yet, when it does, it is often not in a healthy way.  I recommend that you include whole meals in your diet. Love to eat whole wheat bread, whole rice, avoid whole milk, you can drink at least 2% fat milk, eat enough fruit and vegetables, avoid fatty-meat during exercises until you research your target weight. This week, I ate almost all my meals, except my lunch on Friday because I was just too busy to eat lunch. Instead, I ensured to eat some fruits with enough calories and fibre, since I was extremely busy.  Besides, eat balanced meals. I try as much as possible to balance my meals. I do not drink fluids at least 30-45 minutes before and after meals. I drink warm fluids most of the time. I avoid sodas, carbonic drinks and alcohol. If you cannot avoid these drinks, try minimizing the consumption at least until you reach your target weight. Most of these drinks contain a high content of sugars, which works against weight loss.

6.       Check Mood and feeling

I check my mood and feelings early in the morning and in the evening. This is very important because it helps me know the state of my mind, body and soul, which contribute to positive or negative feelings. The negative ones can be destructive because they lead to stress, anxiety, etc. It is common that anxious or stressed people, often than not, resort to food. This defeats the purpose of exercising. Under duress, one is likely to eat more calories than one burn in a day. This accumulates over time. So, instead of losing weight, one gains it. One of the things, which I do during meditation, is to check my mood and feelings. The purpose is to address issues, which I can change in life, and to seek external help for those issues, which I cannot deal with on my own. I checked my mood and feelings daily in the morning and evening from Monday to Friday. I thank God because my week went well. I was excited to jump.  Checking your mood and feelings benefits you in many ways because you are able to sleep well.  Rest is very important to weight loss. Lack of rest contributes to the body engaging in a fight against stress, and when it does so, you won’t lose weight.

I hope that this discussion helps you if you are new to this blog, and it reminds you of our discussions if you are not a stranger. Have a lovely weekend! Cheers…

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post