The trouble with most people is that they don’t hear any helpful information from someone, who is not famous. So, the fat stays with them for life. If Oprah told them what I say on this blog, these given people would lose weight. It is up to them!


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Hidden in these Words is My Advice To You…Find It!





I am not sure whether I follow what this question is all about. I am just wondering why someone would like to jump without clothes on! However, I hear you and I saw the seriousness in this question although I did not really get what you are trying to say. Below is my reply:

In terms of avoiding body aches: Generally, perhaps, I might not encourage anyone to jump without clothes—jumping naked—even when you are jumping alone at home behind those closed doors. Simply because, jumping is an exercise, which flips your body parts—up and down—as you jump. That is why; I recommended earlier on this blog that you wear a cycling pant and a breast holder if you are a female regardless of your weight and body size. Because, breasts and bums have a tendency of flipping—up and down—as you jump. Now, regardless of your body size, your breast and back would feel sore after jumping naked or without cycling pants and a breast holder, mostly if you are gifted with enough breasts and bums.

I do not want to sound stereotypical, but I cannot speak for a man, since I am not one and I have not discussed it with any man exercising with me because most of them wear the right kit. Yet, I assume that a man might require a cycling pant only if he is biologically male. It seems to me that a grown male might also have his private parts dangle as he jumps. Yet, I am not sure if he would be affected in any way. Horses do not wear pants as they run. Perhaps, a man being human, he might be affected…Let them reply to your question!

In terms of avoiding accidents: if you have either ceramic, cement or polished floor, I would not also recommend you to jump naked. You might wonder the connection between being naked and a slippery floor. If you are jumping enough, you would sweat enough. This means that when you have no clothes on, that sweat would drip down your body onto the floor. You can imagine what would happen if you slip on that sweat! I know that when one starts jumping and one is really enjoying the exercise, one is likely to develop a tendency of wanting to see oneself in a mirror. Eventually, one wants to see oneself jump in front of a full mirror especially after having lost weight. When you lose weight, trust me, your body becomes your sight of pleasure. So, you develop a desire to look at yourself in a way you never did before losing weight. Therefore, jumping naked is one of those things that some people engage in after having lost weight. That is why; I would recommend that an experienced trainer mentors you during the period you lose weight. There are also negative effects to weight loss as much as it is great. For example, some people do not just want to look at their bodies. They want other people to appreciate what they have become. Thus, they might engage in arguably risky social behaviours such as having multiple sexual practices to expose their bodies to others, they might impulsively pose nude around poles in pubs before total strangers, they might post nude pictures online without thinking about their careers, etc. This can also be a bad or bad thing depending on one’s beliefs, one’s age, one’s social practice, one’s values, etc. Thus, an experienced trainer must be around to guide you during this passing phase. It is a temporal obsession. It passes with time once you get used to a new body.

I hope that I answered some parts of your question because I did not approach this topic from the social values, which perhaps you expected me to discuss. Rather, I looked at it from the exercise point of view.

…and I hope that others would also share their views on this topic

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There is no need for you to panic when you miss exercising for one or two days—or even a week—during your weight loss programme. This is your programme, which is designed by you in line with what you can or cannot manage. Therefore, there is no need to stress because you are the one in charge of your own programme. This means that you do only that which is feasible within your schedule.

However, it does not mean that you do not make efforts to produce great results for yourself. You must be very dedicated to your progress if you intend to reduce any weight. Fluctuations in exercises—such as today you exercise, and tomorrow you do not—are not a good thing. Therefore, when you spend one or two working-days without exercising, you must ensure that you find a way of exercising in arrears. Just like it is during exams, when you do not do well, you write your exams in arrears. Otherwise, if you do not exercise in arrears, you break the system and this retards weight loss progress. I am positive that you have noticed so far that when I miss a day of exercises, I find always a way of recovering my lost-exercising time. Remember that I did not jump on Tuesday this week—Dec. 11, 2012. Yet, today, I made sure that I recovered my lost time. I jumped for two days in a single day. Instead of doing 1, 000 jumps per day according to my daily target; I did this morning 2, 200 jumps from 10:36 to 11:14hrs, which is 38 minutes. It felt great jumping in arrears. By the way, my target during this phase of my weight loss programme is 1, 000 jumps per day, and 5000 jumps per week. So far this week, I have done already 4, 500 jumps, which means that I am remaining with 500 jumps for tomorrow—Friday, Dec. 14, 2012. If I want, I would jump only 500 to meet my weekly target, but if I want I would do more than that as usual. It feels great having a goal because it gives us a sense of purpose. If you exercise without a purpose, trust me, you would begin to feel overworked and it would not be easy for you to be dedicated. Therefore, if you set a goal, alongside your purpose, you would ensure to exercise in arrears.

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A Quick Update


Hi guys!

I have seen your comments. I will find time to respond to them on Saturday evening.

Jumping: I am still very busy. Yet, I stopped briefly to encourage you to continue exercising. On Monday, I did 1,100 jumps in 16 minutes. Today, I did 1, 200 in 20 minutes. Yesterday, I did not exercising because I slept during the larger part of the afternoon. I worked the whole night of the previous day. However, I made sure to follow other procedures.

Lemon Juice: I drank my freshly pressed lemon juice from Monday to date of 150mls juice per day, which is 450mls to date. I drank also 1 litre of warm water with some lemon fruit juice each day to flash the system. I have drank so far 3 litres of warm water.

Meals: I ate my meals breakfast, lunch and supper. I ensured to avoid under or over eating by monitoring my meals. I noticed that during to a busy schedule, I did not much variety in breakfast. It has been brown break with either fried eggs, or beans or cheese, tomatoes and onions.My lunch and supper has been fish, beans, cabbage, rice or bread.

Weight loss fluids:

I drank my afternoon fluids. On Monday, I drank 1.2 litres of Rooibos tea. Tuesday, I drank 900 mls and today, I drank 900mls of Rooibos teas.This is so far 3 litres of warm rooibos tea.

In the evening, I drank 300mls of Rooibos tea on Monday. I drank 300 mls on Tuesday. And, I drank 600mls today. This is so far a total of 1.2 litres.

General comment:

Ha! Ha! Ha! I am glad that I am still smiling. It has been a busy week because everyone is rushing to go on vacation. The majority have already gone. IAnyway, we will soon be resting. So, we have to work now.

Enjoy your day…and happy holiday for those, who have already began holidaying…

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I want to apology. I promised that I was going to post my new weight today. I did not because of two reasons. First, I was extremely busy this week. I worked over night to meet my deadline. Second, my camera lens broke. So, it does not shoot pictures in the evening or when it is dark. I can only take pictures in the morning or afternoon light. I hope to find time next Friday. Therefore, make a date with me. You will see the effect of jumping over a rope.


I am not saying that a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle does not help to lose weight. I am saying that there are some reasons, which make computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycles fail to work effectively in weight loss programs. I am now revealing a secret, which most trainers do not tell you about these computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycles. Here is the secret: these bicycles give you access to either loosen or tighten the tension of your bicycle while exercising. This is the main problem. To start with, most people do not set the cycling tension at the level, which they are uncomfortable with. They set it often at a level they can manage. Is this what you are doing? If so, you won’t lose weight. You would simply keep fit. To lose weight, you need to set your cycling bicycle at a tension, which makes you feel unconformable cycling. It does not need to be extremely uncomfortable, but it must be enough to make your heart beat fast, and your breath calling for your attention. Your upper lip is likely to feel very warm and moist. Then, you would know that you are cycling enough to lose weight. It is empowering for you to be the person changing the tension of your own cycling bicycles from soft to hard and vice versa. Yet, it is problematic as the same time because most people do not keep cycling on a hard tension. They resort quickly to a soft tension, which makes it is hard losing weight.

I want you to think about what you often do when exercising. Do you often set your cycling bicycle at the tension and pace, which you are comfortable with? Or, do you keep clicking between the soft and hard tension, and between the slow and fast pace? If you cannot remember what you normally do, I want you to monitor your actions while exercising on a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle.

I observed—and this is the secret—that most people reduce the tight tension and pace often while exercising before they can even get a proper heat beat, which leads to sweating. This is problematic because once they feel that tightness in the calves, legs, muscles, and once their breath seems to escape their bodies, they reduce the tension and pace to manageable ones. Therefore, there is no continuity with the heart beats. When this occurs, you would not lose weight. If you do, it would be very minimal weight loss. You are likely to keep fit, but the exercise would not induce serious changes.

I would recommend three things:

  1. If you have a computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle, find someone to disconnect the computer from this specific bicycle. Then, let that someone set the bicycle at a tension, which you are not completely comfortable with. A tight tension makes your heart beat fast and makes you ooze enough sweat from your body. This is what I did with my computerised-indoor-cycling-bicycle. There is a minor disadvantage with this is adjustment. You are deprived of the basic information, which reflects on your computer while exercising. You would not know how your heart is beating, the amount of calories you reduce per cycling session, etc. It would require that you buy a calorie and/or heart beat monitor. It is not a big issue. It is best that you buy one, which you wear like a wrist watch.
  2. If you can, I would recommend that you buy a manual-indoor-cycling bicycle. It is old fashion but it works extremely well. It comes from the factory set already at a tension, which helps people on average to lose weight. The only challenge with manual-indoor-cycling bicycle is that it is not computerised, so you cannot tell the amount of weight, which you lose while exercising. You cannot check your calories loss, etc. This is not a huge problem. You can rectify it by buying a calorie and/or heart beat monitor.
  3. If I can convince you enough, I would simply recommend you to try jumping over a rope. All you need is buying a jumping rope, and jump for at least 10 to 30 minutes daily for five days per week. I have posted already samples of how to jump. So, you have a starting point. If you jump wrongly, you would not manage jumping for 2 minutes. Yet, if you follow my instructions, you realise that jumping is very easy, and that you can jump as long as you want with ease. The disadvantage with jumping is about knowing how to jump. This disadvantage disappears once you know how to jump. Do you think that jumping is really hard? If jumping was that hard, most Stars would not embrace it. You have a huge list of Stars, who have lost weight through jumping, and who maintain weight through it. The list of these Stars is endless. These Stars include musicians, models, movie-stars, rugby players, boxers, etc. Try it! It might just work for you to turn you a special star in your own right. Stay blessed!

Make a jumping rope your best friend because it works

I want to re-echo that jumping over a rope works. It induces weight loss. It helps your heart beat fast and release sweat in the process. If you recall our earlier topic about sweat, I said that it is not every sweat, which is an indicator of weight loss. Yet, if you sweat as a result of making the heart beat fast through exercises, that particular sweat is a great sign for weight loss.

This week, I took pictures with my mobile phone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to show sweat, which emanates from the body due to jumping over a rope (See below). Trust me! It would have been dripping sweat if I had worn a jersey and scarf during exercises. This week I did not wear my keep fit kit during exercises because it was dirty. I did not do my laundry because I was very busy. You would have seen how I drip with soaked when I exercise in a jersey and scarf.

Dripping with sweat on Wednesday

I am dripping with sweat on Wednesday

The sweat on Thursday

The sweat on Thursday was less than that on Wednesday










The Weekly overview of my weight loss­­

I exercised five days a week from Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 (Day 29) to Friday, Dec. 8, 2012 (Day 33). As usual, I pulled through despite having the most crazy schedule, which I have ever had this entire year. I slept only two nights, and worked 3 nights out of five working days. I am grateful to God that I managed to reach both my work and exercise targets for the week. I am also grateful to God for the gift of a weekend.

Work done:

  • I prayed each day within a total of 46 minutes (Mon=10mins, Tues=06mins, Wed=15mins, Thurs=05mins & Fri=10mins).
  • In five days, I drank 500mls of very concentrated lemon juice, which I pressed from 9 fresh lemons. I drank this juice daily immediately I wake up. Fresh lemons help melt the grease in your system.
  • I drank 5.6 litres of warm water, which was at least 1 litre per day, and at times 1.3 litres per day. I added some lemon or pineapple juice to this water. I flash my system daily with at least 1 litre of warm water before eating anything, and after at least 10-30 minutes of having drunk the concentrate fruit juice.
  • I jumped 6, 500 counts for five days (Mon=1,100, Tue=1,300, Wed=1,500, Thurs=1,200 & Fri=1,400 jumps). I stretched my body joints and muscles. I spent a total of 2 hours 25 minutes both jumping and stretching my body in five days. On Monday and Tuesday, I used a fast technique to stretch my entire body in very few minutes, between 5 to 8 minutes each day. Later, I resumed to my normal routine.
  • I had all my meals, except on Tuesday when I went to the supermarket during breakfast hour.
  • I drank my afternoon weight loss fluids. On average I drank 600 to 900 mls of rooibos tea in the afternoon between 12 and 17:00 hours.
  • Comments: I am very happy that I have come this far. I wish the same for you.


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DAY 30 of My Weight Loss Programme

Today, makes 30 days, since I started exercising for my weight loss programme on November 05, 2012 during my last phase this year. I am excited because I shade off the weight I wanted to get rid off. However, I will continue exercising until December 20th in time for the Christmas period. I will check the weight lost this Friday. So, make a date with me.

JUMPING: Yesterday, I jumped 1, 100 counts. Because of my busy schedule, I used two systems to jump. First, I jumped 500 counts at once in a single session. Second, I did 600 jumps intermittently, over a period of hours, from 08:08 to 16:55 hrs. This means that  after writing for two hours, I would stop for at least 3 to 4 minutes to do at least 100 jumps per session, to stretch my body, and to drink fluids.

Body Stretches: Because of the busy schedule, I used a system of exercises, where you stretch the entire body joints and muscles at once, in a single posture, for five minutes. I am sure that your physical trainers have taught you about this method. What do you do? You lie flat on your back on a flat surface, preferably a floor. Then, you left your body, while curving it upwards so that ONLY your shoulders and heels (foot) touch the floor. Make sure that your arms are stretched fully alongside your body, and that your palms are facing upwards with your finger tips stretched pointing towards the floor, and that your elbows are completely off the floor. Once you balance your body properly, start pulling your muscles and joints carefully from the toes working your way upwards to your head. Once ALL your muscles and joints are stretched fully, then pull them all at once, breathing in and out deeply for at least five minutes. Once you know this method, perhaps, you will never want to spend long hours exercises. It is very effective. It is taught mainly to martial arts so that they can learn how to prepare their bodies in a quickest possible way. It is also used in reflexiology although it is simplified there because you lie completely flat on the floor.

Thus, today, I did the same exercises with some slight modifications. I did a total of 1, 100 jumps in 15 minutes continuously from 09:10 to 09:25 hrs. I did also 200 jumps in the evening. I did a total of 1, 300 jumps per day. I stretched my entire body in about five minutes.

Fruit Juice: I drank 150mls of freshly pressed-concentrated-lemon juice (from 3 medium size lemons) just 10 minutes before jumping.  You should always remember to allow time to pass after you drink the  fruit juice before drinking the warm water. It is important for the fruit juice to melt the greasily oils in your system. Anyway, today, I drank lemon juice again.

Warm Water with Fruit Juice: Yesterday morning, I drank 1 litre of warm water, which contained about 50mls of lemon juice right at the onset of jumping. Today, I drank the same amount of warm water with some lemon juice in it during the jumping exercise. Please, remember that warm water with a touch of fruit juice, helps  to flash your system.

Prayer and/or Meditation: I am never too busy to pray and/or meditate. Prayers and meditation balance me during a very busy schedule. The first thing, which I do early when I wake up, is to pray and meditate. I do the same before bedtime. This is a Biblical meditation, but not the void meditation.

Breakfast: Yesterday, I had my quick breakfast. I had homemade round-bread rolls with margarine and Rooibos Tea. Today, I rushed to the supermarket in the morning. Thus, I did not have my breakfast, instead, I had brunch when I returned to my flat because I spent my breakfast hour at the supermarket.

Lunch: Yesterday, I had beetroot, carrots, and cabbage for salads. I ate rice and roasted fresh fish in ginger, garlic, and tomato soup (I will post this recipe later in the week). I had biscuits and tea as well as pineapples for a dessert. Today, I ate brown bread sandwiched with cheese, onion, and tomatoes. I drank rooibos tea with milk. I ate sweet corn for dessert.

Afternoon Fluids: Remember that fluids are always important during weight loss. So, yesterday, I drank 900mls of warm-hot Rooibos tea. Today, I drank 1 litre of hot Rooibos tea in the afternoon. This tea is energetic, but remember to take your multivitamin.

Supper: Yesterday, I ate rice and fish, which were afternoon leftovers. I drank 2 mugs of Rooibos tea (600mls). Today, I had a special meal. I ate pap with Indian-fried okra, kapenta (dry small fish) and cabbage. I had Rooibos tea with 1 slice of buttered toasted bread for dessert.

Comments: I am happy that despite having a very tight schedule, I was able to jump and stretch my body. Interestingly, this means that it is important to develop a flexible exercise routine, which can befit the relevant situation. It means also that one must have the ability to learn different styles of exercising so as to apply those exercises, which befit the situation. It connotes the idea that if one is a debutant, one must learn from one’s physical trainer about the basic methods of conducting effective exercises within the shortest possible time. My hope is that once one learns the shortcuts to exercises, one does not substitute always the relevant long exercises with short ones. Plausibly, sufficient exercises are important because one is able to find oneself when spending enough time during exercises. We listen also to our bodies during ample exercises. Although we can listen to our bodies with a short time, that is not enough to feel each specific muscle and joint. We pay specific attention to those areas, which need proper care during exercises.

I hope that you are also working towards a target, perhaps, towards Christmas so that you might feel as great as you would look during the festival season. All the best of wishes for your exercises and festival plans!

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What are your views on this article, let’s discuss?

Exercising on a hot day contributes to weight loss:

The natural heat from the sun helps to lose bodily fats with ease when exercising during summer time than in winter. I do not imply here that one must exercise directly in the sun. The sun-heat increases indirectly one’s heart-beats during the hot/dry season. The room gets hot, which increases the room temperature. The body temperature rises also and it increases when one exercises on a hot-sunny day. This leads to an increase in heart beats, which also contributes to weight loss. Thus, a combination of a high-room temperature, hot-body temperature and jumping exercises burns the bodily fats excessively. This is not the case in winter. It is often hard to melt bodily fats at low-room temperatures on a cold day unless with the help of a heater or weight-loss drugs, which might not be the best options.

I do not wish to be misunderstood here. It is not the sun-heat, which causes weight loss. Rather, it is the increased-continuous heart-beats, which result from the effects of sun-heat on the body during the exercises in a hot room that lead to weight loss. There are several ways of inducing heart-beats. The sun-heat is just one of those ways. That is why; some sonar systems imitate the effect of the sun-heat on the body for weight loss because it leads to increased heart beats and lots of sweating.

Sweating is indirectly linked to weight-loss:

I must also take this opportunity immediately to explain what I mean each time I talk about wearing a jersey and scarf when exercising. This, off course, increases the rate of heart-beats and lots of sweating. There are several arguments about this method. Some people think that sweating does not lead to weight loss. They think that it is a myth talking about sweating as a causality of weight loss because most people, who are obese, sweat a lot. Yet, they never lose weight. I understand the confusion concerning this argument. Briefly, obesity is often associated with other factors such as over eating unless it is induced genetically or through a disease such as diabetics, etc. Thus, obese people cannot lose weight through sweating if they eat constantly. However, this topic is not for me to unpack here. What I want to clarify is the confusion about sweat being a cause of weight loss. When I talk about sweat, I am not referring to ordinary sweat, where the body regulates its temperatures by losing fluids through sweat, etc. Yet, the sweat that I am talking about here, is the kind of sweat, which comes out of the body, simply because someone chose to pump it out of its body by increasing the heart-beats through exercises and warm articles of clothing. I do not know what it means to lose weight by sweating without exercises. However, I do know what it means to lose weight by sweating, which is induced through exercises and warm articles of clothing. The point here is that weight-loss is not found in the sweat, but in the heart-beats, which lead to sweating. This means that there is an indirect relationship between weight-loss and sweating. Thus, when a heart is beating, it works also to detoxify the body. The sweat comes handy here through the bodily project of detoxification. This means that the body releases toxic substances through the bodily sweat, urine, etc. Remember that the processed food has flooded the markets and restaurants. The processed food is often associated with lots of toxins, which are released from the body through sweating, etc. Therefore, detoxification is vital to weight loss. This is a huge topic to discuss in this article.

One does not just collapse due to warm clothing

I want to clarify again that one can not simply collapse by wearing warm clothing when exercising on a hot-sunny day unless one ignores specific measures:

  • One must open windows in the room, where exercises are taking place
  • One must exercise near the window, taking air in and out deeply
  • One must drink fluids during exercises
  • Yet, most importantly, one must have the capacity to tell the dryness and humidity of the weather when exercising in warm keep-fit clothes. I am talking here about the cooling effect on the body related to the weather. Thus, when the weather is humid, the chances of collapsing are high whether one is wearing warm clothes or not. The sweat does not evaporate faster on a humid day than it does on a dry day. This means that the sweat remains on the body longer than it should, which might keep the body temperatures excessively high. This might lead to collapsing because there is no cooling effect, which occurs as a result of the sweat evaporating. Yet, when the day is dry, the sweat evaporates into the atmosphere at a fast pace, leaving the body cool, which prevents one from collapsing. This means that it is not advisable to use warm articles of clothing on a humid day unless one keeps wiping the sweat off the body and unless one keeps drinking plenty of water. That is why; it is important to consult a person, who has had personal experience battling with weight loss for years. Yet, this is not enough because such a person must at least have experimented several times on oneself and others. Consulting a trainer or medical practitioner, who has never experienced weight problems, might result in receiving insufficient information on weight loss. Some experts do not have a personal connection with weight issues. Therefore, they talk about what they have been taught, but not what they have faced personally. Be alert!

My Weekly Overview:

The following are my weight-loss activities from Monday to Friday (November 19-23, 2012), which is day 15 to day 19:

  1. I spent a total of 1 hour 50 minutes praying and meditating for five days from Monday to Friday. I took time listening to our Creator and to my body. I learnt that I was tired due to a busy week. I tried mitigating the fatigue. I am glad it is a weekend. I can rest.
  2. I am supposed to use pure fruit for weight-loss. Yet, I did not get time to go to the supermarket. I have to ensure that I do this on Sunday because I will be busy again next week.
  3. I managed drinking warm water before exercising. I drank 6.3 litres in five days, which was about 1.3 per day on average. Plain water is not as effective as when it has lemon juice. I have to rectify this soonest.
  4. I spent a total of 1 hour 16 minutes in 3 out of 5 days of the week doing body stretches and warm-ups (Mon=27mins; Wed=31mins; and Fri=18mins). I did not do these exercises on Tuesday and Thursday due to a busy schedule. Yet, I made sure to double these exercises on Wednesday and Friday to catch up for the missed days—Tuesday and Thursday. Thus, in terms of breaking calories, I did not miss my targets for the entire week. I am glad.
  5. I did a total of 5, 800 jumps in 4 out of 5 days (Mon=1,400; Wed=2000; Thurs=1,200 and Fri=1,200). I spent a total of 1 hour 33 minutes jumping in 4 out of 5 days. I made sure that I jumped more on Wednesday to catch up, since I did not jump on Tuesday. Again, I met my target for the week of jumping at least 5000 counts in five days.
  6. I had my breakfast, which included rice pudding, brown-bread-fritters, millet porridge, 2% fat milk and Rooibos tea 300 mls per breakfast.
  7. I ate my lunch from Monday to Friday despite being busy. I had roasted chicken, carrot soup, onion-tomato soup, rice, thick porridge from millet, etc. On average I ate roasted chicken, tomato-onion soup and rice, but prepared with different flavours.
  8. I ate my supper all five days. This included scones and rooibos tea, rice and roasted chicken in carrot soup, boiled eggs in tomato-onion soup and rice, fried chicken and thick millet porridge.
  9. I drank my afternoon fluids daily for five days to flash out toxins during the day. I drank a total of 3.1 litres of rooibos tea, which is 700-900 mls on average
  10. I drank my evening fluids, which was about 2.5 litres for five days
  11. I observed that I struggled exercising on Tuesday and Thursday although I was excited about exercising because of other equally important activities. I am glad that despite this, I managed to exercise and met my targets. I preserved not because I have to, but because I have a target, which I want to meet by December 20, 2012. This means that I have to seriously re-plan my activities so that this week does not repeat itself next week.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post.


DAY 15 of My Weight Loss Program


Time runs fast. Today is already my 15th day of my weight-loss program. I began this phase of my weight loss program on November 05, 2012. This Friday would be the 19th day, which shall make 3 weeks of exercising. I hope that you are also excited about your progress. It is amazing to see the weight loss so far. The following is what I did today:

  • Prayer/Meditation: I spent 50 minutes (06:50-07:40 hours)  listening to God and reading scripture. Then, I relaxed through breathing techniques as I listened to my body. I had a great time reconnecting with myself at the onset of my busy day. It is best to pray/meditate very early when the city is extremely quite. The air is fresh though not completely clean. If you get out quite often to pray/meditate early in the mornings, you would fully appreciate campaigns about going green, and you would probably take part in the fight against carbon releases in the cities. 
  • Pure fruit Juice: I did not use any pure fruit juice today. I did not find any fruit at the super-market.
  • Warm-water: I used quite warm water (1 litre) before exercising.
  • Body stretches and/warm ups: I spent today 27 minutes (08:02-08:29 hours) warming up and stretching my body to prepare it for jumping this morning. I warmed up running faster in one place for five minutes. I stretched then my body muscles and joints around my thighs, knees, calves, ankles, shins, toes, bums, fingers, writs, arms, shoulders, sides, waist, etc. I did a total of 950 counts stretching body parts. I ended this session as usual with another warm up, relaxed muscles, and got ready for jumping.
  • I did 1, 400 jumps in 22 minutes from 08:30-08:51. I was very excited, but I controlled my excitement to avoid jumping more than is necessary. I drank warm water (300 mls) while exercising. I wore as usual my warm clothes during jumping. Try researching on this, you would be amazed the benefits.
  • Breakfast: I ate rice pudding (7 tablespoons of rice) made from a quarter cup of milk and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Lunch: 1/2 roasted-chicken breast, carrot-tomato-onion soup, and thick porridge from millet flour.
  • Afternoon Fluids: I drank 900 mls of rooibos tea. Remember not to put sugar in rooibos tea!
  • Supper: I ate 1 large scone and 300 mls of rooibos tea
  • Evening fluids: I drank 300 mls of rooibos tea so far. The season is hot, I can drink some more.
  • Comments: My week started on a very busy note again. I thank God because I not only exercised, but also, did my work for the day. Tomorrow will be busy with meetings. I hope to find time to look for fruits to use for my weight-loss juices.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



This week ran from DAY 8 of my weight loss exercises (Monday, November 12, 2012) to DAY 16 (Friday, November 16, 2012). I had a busy week, where I worked from 12:00PM to 03:00AM with a few breaks. The following were my activities and basic observations. I hope that you observed also your performance for the week:

  1. As usual, I start my exercises with prayer and/or meditation. This week, I spent a total of 2 hours 25 minutes in prayer and meditation in 5 days from Monday to Friday.  I do not always do both activities, mostly when I wake up late. Yet, it is very important to find, examine, and understand yourself before starting your day even if it means spending less time in prayer and meditation. For instance, this week, I spent 7 minutes in prayer on Monday and another 7 minutes on Thursday. However, I spend enough time when I wake up early. This week, I spent 56 minutes on Monday; 37 minutes on Wednesday; and 38 minutes on Friday. It is key to ground yourself early in the day. This helped to exercise despite having a very busy week.
  2. I drank a total of 600mls of very concentrated freshly-pressed-lemon juice on Monday and Tuesday. I drank also 300mls of concentrated blended raw onion, which I softened with tomato juice on Wednesday (Raw onion-tomato juice works perfect to detox. However, it gives a heartburn unless you boil the onion in water before mixing it with uncooked blended tomatoes. If you want quick results use it raw, but you would be uncomfortable for 1-2 hours).
  3. I drank a total of 5 litres of warm water—1 litre each day from Monday to Friday—to flash my system shortly before exercises. I added ½ a cup of freshly-pressed-lemon juice to each litre. Remember always never to drink plain water to flash the system! It works perfect with lemon or any other citrus fruit, etc. You will see the effect such as clear urine, odourless sweat, etc
  4. Loosing weight requires flexing muscles and joints among other things. Therefore, I stretched my body in a total of 2 hours 19 minutes for 5 days from Monday to Friday (I spent 28 minutes on Monday; 30 minutes on Tuesday; 28 minutes on Wednesday; 32 minutes on Thursday; and 21 minutes on Friday). Body stretches must include, but not limited to the following: knees, calves, ankles, thighs, bums, shoulders, sides, writs, arms, and waist. Each of these must be flexed 50 times. This means 500 times on each body part. It is not necessary to spend hours stretching the body.  You must be aware of tear and wear of bones and cartilages as a result of excessive exercises, which is likely to have an impact mostly from middle-age. It is not strenuous exercises, which lead to weight loss, but your consistence to exercise, and to burn calories more than you eat.
  5. I did 6, 100 jumps in a total of 1 hour 44 minutes for 5 days from Monday to Friday. This means that I did 1, 100 jumps in 21 minutes on Monday; 1, 200 in 18 minutes on Tuesday; 1, 300 jumps in 19 minutes on Wednesday; 1, 400 jumps in 27 minutes on Thursday; and 1, 100 jumps in 19 minutes on Friday. Remember to jump only enough. Yet, you can also accelerate the rate of weight loss. For instance, I wore a woolen scarf and jersey, while jumping which left me dripping in sweat daily. Note that, it is not ideal to wear warm clothes on a hot day, while exercising if you suffer from high blood pressure; heart conditions; etc. Consult your doctor! I could tell that I burnt many calories although I did not use a cardio-machine  to count calories burned during exercises. Yet, I could tell because of my massive-constant-heart beats and huge amounts of sweat, which I lost during exercises. Trust me! My keep-fit clothes were soaked completely in sweat.
  6. I missed breakfast in four days—Monday to Thursday—because I woke up late after working until early in the morning. I noticed that it was always already lunch time by the time I finished doing my prayers, meditations, and exercises. Friday was only day I had breakfast this week, which is not good because a body requires all meals daily. Knowing this, I had to re-plan so that I ate my daily calories per day despite missing breakfast. I had to eat large portions of lunch (brunch) for those four days when I missed breakfast to maintain my daily food intake. But, I had supper daily. I ate as usual whole grains, which included rice, spaghetti, a thick porridge from millet, and bread. I eat mainly fish and chicken for proteins. I ate cabbage, onions, and tomatoes, etc. I had rice pudding for sweet course, etc.
  7. For my afternoon-weight-loss fluids, I drank 300mls of tea masala on Monday, and a total of 2.8 litres of rooibos tea from Monday to Friday. However, for my evening fluids, I drank a total of 2.6 litres of rooibos tea in five days, and 600mls of milk on Wednesday and Friday.I drank milk knowing that it is not a great option during weight loss because it interferes with weight-loss. Even tea masala is not a good option although it tastes great. Milk is the largest ingredient in tea masala. I drank a mug of tea masala, which is still okay.
  8. Generally, I am very happy that I managed to exercise despite having a very busy week, where I worked until early in the morning from Monday to Friday. Remember to rest from exercises during the weekend.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post

Weight-loss/Maintenance is an Investment


DAY 10 for my Weight loss program:

Most often, when we think about the word investment, we associate it with a business, shares, etc. Little do we think of weight loss or maintenance as investment. Yet, we invest a lot in our exercises and other activities like eating the right food, which is meant to lose or maintain weight. Thus, we need to invest in our weight loss or maintenance to reach our target. Invest does not end at reaching the target because we do not want to relapse into overweight again.

I convinced myself to invest time, energy, and resources in my food to ensure that I eat only the food, which is right for my body to either lose weight or maintain it.  First, I cook my food from Monday to Friday, but weekends I often eat out.   This means that I INVEST time in cooking the food, where I have control over the quantities of ingredients, which go into my food. It is common knowledge that too much salt, milk, oil mostly animal fats, bicarbonate soda, soft drinks, etc are not ideal when one wants to lose or maintain weight. Therefore, instead of going out to the restaurant or calling for home delivery, I prepare my food well.

Thus, preparing food is a serious investment, since we spend time, energy and the right resources to cook. For instance, today, I prepared a home-made bread. It takes time to knead the bread, watch the dough rise, and bake it. It costs a bit of money to buy the right kind of flour (Wheat-brown-bread flour) because you are concerned about your weight and health in general. Once you know what it takes to have the right body and health, you would be willing to eat right, and you would not allow someone else a the restaurant to serve you with the food, which you would not otherwise treat your self to. With practice, you would learn to prepare meals quickly and with ease.

For my supper today, I made the following as a way of investing time, energy and resources in my weight loss program:

1. Sweet-Salty-Sourly Bread: I made a traditional bread. It requires about 1 hour to prepare.I put 2 tablespoons of instant yeast in a bowl, added 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of fresh-crushed ginger, and added 1 mug of very warm water, but not hot water because it kills the yeast and the bread would not rise. Then, I added 1 mug of wheat-brown-bread flour, and blended the ingredients with a mixer. I placed a lid on the bowl, and placed it near a warm oven, and let it rise with bubbles on top. After 10-15 minutes, I added 2 cups of wheat-brown-bread flour (I did not use the coarse flour with much grains in it, the medium one works wonders), and I mixed it well, and kneaded it well. After the dough was ready, I allowed it to rise three times before baking it. This means that after the dough rises to almost double its original size, you must knead it again, level it, and let it rise a second time to double or more than its original size. Then, knead it again and let it rise for the third time. This creates a sourly taste because the dough ferments a bit as it rises three times. It is the same taste you get if you add Greek yogurt to the dough.

Then, you bake it in a special way at 100 degree Celsius, but you must put a wet cloth on top of the dough to allow it bake under steam so that it becomes hefty, but also soft and sourly. You need to keep wetting your piece of cloth every five minutes. NB: Reduce the heat if it burns the cloth is less than five minutes.

This bread is so tasty that you can eat a lot of it without knowing. Therefore, to avoid over eating, I design my bread into five parts (See in the 1st picture below), where I plan to eat at least one part per day, since it is a very hefty bread. Although the pieces of bread are  thin (See 2nd picture below), they are quite hefty. one piece is enough for supper, but lunch two can do.

2. Marinated-Grilled Chicken: The third pictures shows a piece of chicken. Marinate your chicken in 1/4 tsp of white pepper, 1/2 tsp of garlic, 1/2  tsp of  ginger, and 1/4 of salt after removing the animal fats. Then, pour 1/4 tsp of vegetable oil and rub in. Then, you bake it at 120 degree celsius. Make sure that it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
3. Steamed cabbage: Chop white cabbage, fresh hot chili, white onion, and tomato. Heat oil in a sauce pan, add onion and fry it for about 2 minute. Then, add cabbage, salt, chili and tomato to the frying onion. Put a lid on and steam it for about 3 minutes. It tastes real good.

4. Rooibos: This is idea tea for the evening. 0 % calories, and great oxidation.

Arguably, you need to value yourself to eat the right food.

Lines demarcate the bread in 5 parts

This piece is hefty despite being thin
@ chipo muponisi

white cabbage

2 slices of bread, a piece of chicken, & rooibos tea